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The Carpathian Beer Vinegar Manufacture

Jak robimy genialny ocet w Bieszczadzkiej Wytwórni Octu?

Unique, craft beer vinegar is now available for purchase. It’s based on different kinds of beers from our brewery, apple wine, grape wine and even honey wine.

Currently you can buy three different kinds of vinegar, based respectively on following beers: Wataha, Deszcz w Cisnej and Dwa Misie

At the top level of the visitor centre’s mezzanine you can see oak barrels, used for the ageing process of balsamic vinegar and information boards.

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Our guests' testimonials

It's great to have such a place in Poland, where not every beer suits you... but it's all down to your personal tastes ;) Visiting the site is a must!

Ola Kamińska

Gorgeous beer, cosy little shop on site - not just alcohol. Sign up for a guided tour, the brewery's history is worth knowing.

Joanna Głuskowska

Amazing place, quite unique in Poland, possibly even in Europe... Fantastic people and plenty of yummy stuff!

Jakub Grzeszczyk