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Borderland Art Centre and Bieszczady tourist information desk

Welcome to our very own, original art centre… promoting both the art of brewing and art in the usual sense of the word! Our gallery exhibits young creators, whose talent we recognise to be worth closer attention, next to well established artists, known to the Polish and even European art world. It can be noted, purchasing such pieces of art becomes a growingly popular trend in fine art investing.

URSA MAIOR’s Borderland Art Centre is a part of a wider philosophy of our company. A percentage of the art brokerage fees supports local initiatives, preserving values, natural and cultural heritage of Bieszczady.

At the first floor, our Tourist Information Desk can be found, where besides various publications and maps for purchase you can get assistance in planning your trips in Bieszczady.

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Our guests' testimonials

It's great to have such a place in Poland, where not every beer suits you... but it's all down to your personal tastes ;) Visiting the site is a must!

Ola Kamińska

Gorgeous beer, cosy little shop on site - not just alcohol. Sign up for a guided tour, the brewery's history is worth knowing.

Joanna Głuskowska

Amazing place, quite unique in Poland, possibly even in Europe... Fantastic people and plenty of yummy stuff!

Jakub Grzeszczyk