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Agnieszka Łopata – the head of URSA MAIOR, symbolic alpha she-bear of the brand, known as Brewster Aga. She holds Ph.D. title in Environmental Protection – but brewing is her love. Completed the Brewing and Distilling Postgraduate Programme at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. She’s been making beer for many years, with a lot of success. She was awarded a title of The Master Brewer for winning the first place in a Home Brewed Beers Competition Żywiec 2009, in the Brown Ale Mild category. Blogging about food and beer at Author of articles on pairing beer and food for Bieszczadnik and Piwowar magazines,  hosts beer related meetings dedicated to beer tasting and beer and food pairing. Consultant to food bloggers and restaurants. In Ursa Maior she personally selects the ingredients, brews the beer, supervising the process and making the key decisions. Moreover, she composes the  dishes served in Ursa and prepares them in large part. She also does tons of paperwork. When not present in Ursa’s bar then find her in the brewery’s store or in the garden.

Andrzej Czech – URSA MAIOR’s business mastermind. Ph.D in Natural Sciences of the Jagiellonian University, big fan of innovative solutions in preservation of nature and environment, advocate and keen user of renewable sources of energy. Editor in chief of Biszczadnik magazine. In our brewery he’s in charge of sales, marketing and various initiatives linking Bieszczady with Ursa Maior beers. He ususally tends to the brewery store or runs somewhere between the store, the production and the Ursa Maior’s bar.

Krzysztof Mycyk – legendary head of production of Ursa Maior. He knows by name every pomp, fuse, audio and video system element, microphone, screw or valve in the brewery. Equipment’s malfunctioning detects by ear… before they dare to break down. He likes shiny motorcycles, muddy cars, blues music, wind in hair and good beer (provided it comes from Ursa). Whenever he is absent from the production department of the brewery he is on the road in Bieszczady, delivering the beer to our customers.

Bronisław Miśko – man with an eye for detail – whatever he does, showing great aesthetic sensitivity. He stands behind the creation of our beer tasting boards, wood pallet tables and many elements of decoration. Bottling engineer, capable of carrying big sacks of malt and other heavy load. Ultra fast in packing also knows every corner of the brewery. Female tourist’s charmer. Loves the bottling days of each of our beers.

Asia Dobrowolska – multi-instrumental artist. Incredibly competent and acting fast. With a smile on her face she serves beer, makes sandwiches and keeps all tidy, in a flash! In our store she takes one look at you and will know what you need. Never bored. In her free times she goes out on her bicycle, chasing the wind around Bieszczady.

Marcin Kędzior, aka Kudłaty aka Kendzoo. You don’t ask him to do something… you unleash him onto the tasks! Great Wizard of the art of Brewing. He loves sharing brewing secrets with Ursa Maior’s visitors. He can be easily found in brewery’s store or carrying beer crates or kegs. He loves airplanes, birds and travelling into imaginal realms. Fantastic personality.

Roy – brewery’s dog. Born at the beginning of the brewery’s construction. Unfortunately, recently set off for his eternal walk. The smartest dog on the planet, some people claim he had super powers. Essence of patience – especially at complicated photo shots with beer. Best friend with the whole world (including cats). His current successor is named Dżambo… and is to be mentioned in more detail soon…

See the stunning beauty of Bieszczady in our film and find out how URSA MAIOR was born...



It's great to have such a place in Poland, where not every beer suits you... but it's all down to your personal tastes ;) Visiting the site is a must!

Ola Kamińska

Gorgeous beer, cosy little shop on site - not just alcohol. Sign up for a guided tour, the brewery's history is worth knowing.

Joanna Głuskowska

Amazing place, quite unique in Poland, possibly even in Europe... Fantastic people and plenty of yummy stuff!

Jakub Grzeszczyk