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Ursa Maior in Uherce Mineralne is a unique, hospitable space in the Polish Carpathians region, called Bieszczady. Full of inspiration, good music and good beer, it also proudly offers authentic local products. It’s a visit to one place which yields much entertainment! See the beer-making passion driving the Carpathian Beerworks’ crew. Explore the Borderland Art Centre. Taste quality beers, original juices and snacks. Enjoy the shopping for our craft beers and other original products of the region in the brewery shop – called the Essence of the Carpathians.
Fresh, tap beer and bottled beers served in the brewery’s bar. It all happens in a very special atmosphere and unspoilt natural surroundings.

Uherce Mineralne 122A, 38-623 Uherce Mineralne, Poland
phone: +48 13 461 25 10 / mobile: +48 791 146 277
(check opening hours)

You can pick...

Your preferred way of spending time in URSA brewery in Uherce

Book your visit by e-mail: or phone: +48 791 146 277

If you are visiting in a group or you'd like to join one:

ART OF BREWING - beer tasting not included

Inside the brewery’s areas, closed to the general public, you will see the beer making passion which stands behind creating URSA beers and the company’s forward-thinking philosophy and vision.

ART OF BREWING - beer tasting included

First you get a chance to see the brewery on an exclusive guided tour. Further  attractions, which are to follow, are the beer tasting session and a screening of URSA’s very special film.

Are you visiting in a group of 10 or smaller?Great, here's what we prepared for you:

Art of brewing - small group,beer tasting not included

Groups of 10 and smaller, going with this option, enter our brewery’s exclusive areas guided by one of URSA MAIOR’s co-owners.

Art of brewing - small group,beer tasting included

Small groups, from 1 to 10 persons, are invited to taste 3 kinds of beer and enjoy a movie screening – Preceded by a tour, around the brewery’s exclusive areas, guided by one of URSA MAIOR’s co-owners.

Maybe a simpler and more straight-forward option?

Fully hosted beer tasting

Guided by URSA MAIOR’s crew member you will taste 3 selected kinds of beer, learn their distinctive features and how to consume it for an ultimate experience. For the grand finale we invite you to enjoy a movie about URSA, screened in a large format.

Concise beer tasting

Step into our pub and order a tasting board with different kinds of beer. You will have a look around the brewery in a fine company and if you wish, a movie about URSA and Bieszczady can be played for you.

Something for groups of beer & food connoisseurs?

Something special - gorgeous food and beer tasting

Going with this option, you will relish an abundance of flavours and aromas of beer and snacks, skillfully paired to delight your palate.

Looking to rent a special venue for your event, meeting or a conference?

Talk to us about the venue rental offer

To host your unforgettable event in a special place – overviewing our brewery, surrounded by harmonious sounds, equipped in a large projection screen
simply talk us by e-mail: or phone: +48 697 997 917, +48 791 146 277

More attractions waiting for you in our brewery:

Do you live far away from Bieszczady? Local shops don't have our beers?

order them online


It's worth a visit - not only for a great beer...

Short glimpse of beer tasting sessions

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Our guests' testimonials

It's great to have such a place in Poland, where not every beer suits you... but it's all down to your personal tastes ;) Visiting the site is a must!

Ola Kamińska

Gorgeous beer, cosy little shop on site - not just alcohol. Sign up for a guided tour, the brewery's history is worth knowing.

Joanna Głuskowska

Amazing place, quite unique in Poland, possibly even in Europe... Fantastic people and plenty of yummy stuff!

Jakub Grzeszczyk